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Windows 10 Threshold 2 skinning. by Double-Rainbow-Ei8ht
Windows 10 Threshold 2 skinning.
It's been so long since I've actually posted something on here.... so here I am. Back with another compilation of screen shots to show Windows 10.

No words can express the frustration I feel that Windows 10 is lacking customization. Throughout the period of the original Windows 10 Threshold Build (10240), I held back on skinning and making custom themes as certain applications weren't caught up at the time....

As of now...

*Aero Glass by Bigmuscle is at verison 1.4.5. Supporting TH2 Build 10586 and has a feature that enables Glass Frame on Modern Apps. (Requires Secure Boot to be disabled for Modernframe.dll to actually work.)

*Startisback++ is exclusively for Windows 10. Version 1.2 is the latest version AND it features Taskbar skinning. Something that was removed in Windows 10 probably in order to fit in Cortana and possibly the start menu?

*OldNewExplorer is at version 1.1.7 and supports Windows 10 Threshold 2

*UXStyle has yet to be updated for Windows 10 TH2, but I figured out a way to get my theme applied. (Without crashing the DWM Process.)

Windows 10 skinning is still possible. Though oncoming updates (Redstone in 2016) may/will break the mentioned apps above. So I'm not entirely sure if I should bring all my themes that I've published for Windows 8.1.1 in to Windows 10. I feel like I should wait until changes to the system's default theme is at a point where there wouldn't be anymore slight changes, but I don't know.

So I decided to mess around and bring the original Windows 7's default theme to Windows 10 as a little... test to see how much I can skin it, with the above image. There's my end result.

What do you guys think.?

The hype for Windows is on, anyone excited for the Technical Preview of Windows 10? It comes out October 1st. I know I'm looking forward to it.


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Windows themes for Windows 8.1 =D and soon Windows 10.

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I like Vista theme on my windows 8.1 ... that theme works ok and how to install ... thank you ... I ask you to answer my e-mail dr.kadjija @ ... please give me a link to download ..
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